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We experienced that scale breaking harvests were possible using Screen of Green (ScroG) growing techniques. Simply put, Scrogging is a game changer. We were hooked when an early test grow produced 14.75 ounces from a single plant when scrogged vs. 3.5 ounces when allowed to grow naturally. We searched for products specifically for Scrogging and found the few available all had limitations of one sort or another, so we decided to build our own.

We hired several different designers and engineers, prototyped, and tested multiple iterations of the trellis. Our goal was to develop a product that was adaptable for different grow strategies and customizable for the home grower recognizing that one size does not fit all. Through several years of development, the GrowMax Trellis was born. We included it in a complete home growing kit for inexperienced growers and offer it for use for experienced and advanced home growers.

The GrowMax can be adapted to container, hydroponic and grow-bag types of gardens. It’s also fully customizable allowing gardeners to control the shape and size of their preferred screen.


What type of bucket does the GrowMax Trellis attach to?
​The GrowMax Trellis was designed to attach to standard 5-gallon buckets found at large box stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart etc.). Its unique split ring design allows the trellis to work with buckets having slightly differing circumferences. The GrowMax Trellis will also attach to 3.5-gallon and 7-gallon buckets that have a similar size.
To grow using the GrowMax Trellis, what else do I need?
Your preferred bucket, soil or grow media and favorite plant.
How does the GrowMax attach?
There are two ways to fix the trellis to the bucket, used independently or both at the same time. The split in the base-ring has two openings that allow a zip tie (included in kit) to be threaded through and pulled tightly. This will close the gap and tighten the trellis onto the buckets rim.

An alternate method is to tighten the thumb screws on the outside of the trellis until they touch the buckets outer wall. The tightened screws are under the outer “ribs” of the bucket and prevent it from lifting off.

I have a Home Depot bucket, how should it be modified for use as a grow container with the GrowMax?
Drill 8-10 holes along the bottom of the buckets wall, and 4-6 on the very bottom. We recommend a ¾” to 1” paddle drill bit. If using a smaller drill bit, increase the number of holes!
What size poles can be used with the GrowMax Trellis?
We designed the stake-holder to accommodate bamboo, dowels or steel garden stakes having a diameter up to ½”.
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