Home Grown Hemp Kit



  • 3 Certified Hemp Seeds from Colorado Breeders Depot and 3-Germination Cubes. 3X the chances for successful seed propagation
  • 5-Gallons of Colorado’s very own Batch64’s Moonshine Soil. This Coco Coir blend was designed for growers. The is enough nutrients in this mix to provide the first four weeks growth vegetative growth.
  • Base, Veg A, and Flower A Nutrients. These water soluble nutrients are another Batch64 product and enough of each is included to power your plant through 8-weeks of vegetative growth and 8-weeks of flowering!
  • 5-Gallon Bucket with hand drilled holes for proper drainage.
  • Step by step guide. From seed germination, aka cracking the seed, all the way through flower and harvest. We’ve simplified the basics of years of grow experience, dozens of books, hours of lecture into a simple to follow guide.
  • GrowMax Trellis: Please read product description below.

GrowMax Trellis: The Super ScrOG System

  • 1-Base ring that attaches to rim of bucket. Its split collar design flexes to fit standard 5-gallon buckets with small variances in rim diameters. Split also allows late growth installation as plants trunk can “slide through” the split.
  • 4-Pole Holders are two piece that easily fit together. The holders are elevated so poles do not pierce the soil and damage roots. Holders rotate for desired angle and can hold bamboo and metal plant stakes up to 1/2 inch in diameter. Small tensioner screw can be tightened to hold poles.
  • 3’ x 4’ braided nylon netting. Easily ScrOG your plant to 3’x3’ with a little extra room to adjust if necessary. Openings are 4”x4” perfect for supporting weight bearing colas!
  • Twelve 1-foot 1/4 diameter bamboo dowels The poles include 8 double female couplers so that you can build the length of the pole to suit your needs. I.E. Three dowels and two couplers can be joined to create a 3-foot pole.
  • 4-Silicon rubber straps. These straps are designed to be slipped over the tip of the pole and folded over the netting to hold it. A simple quick means to attach netting also allowing for latter adjustments if needed.


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