Recommended Items

We recommend you have/acquire the following items for your 1st grow:

  • Catch Tray/Pan, Scissors, Spray Bottle, Neem Oil (natural insecticide)
  • For Water testing get a pH Meter & PPM Meter (distilled water works for storage solution)
  • pH UP & pH DOWN to adjust water acidity.
  • Tent. If you do not have a dedicated room or space a good starter tent is the VIPARSPECTRA 3’ x 3’ Tent on Amazon. It runs about $80. Click HERE to purchase.
  • Grow lights. These are a must and the two listed below offer a lot of bang for the buck. Remember that your light choice powers your plants potential. LED lights are very efficient and have lower heat signatures. However, they do have a smaller footprint (grow area) of useful light. My personal preferences are MH and HPS systems. These are old school, use more electricity and produce more heat and will require an exhaust fan for its removal. However, in my experience they produce an intensive light over a larger area and produce large harvests.

Grow Lights:

A good LED available on Amazon is the Mars Hydro TS 1000w. This unit is full spectrum and runs about $150. Click HERE to purchase.

My personal preference is the Vivosun Hydroponic 600w HPS & MH Air Cooled Light System. This combo has both MH (vegetative growth) and HPS (flower/bloom) bulbs that are dimmable. This system is available on Amazon for around $170. Click HERE to purchase.