Home Grow Hemp Kit

Succeed With Your First Hemp/MMJ Crop

“Our beginner hemp home grown kit includes everything you need along with step by step instructions created by a master grower.”

  • 3-Hemp Seeds (certified)
  • 5-Gallons Moonshine 64 Soil
  • Nutrients: Base, Veg, Flower
  • 5-Gallon Bucket with Predrilled Drainage Holes
  • 3-Jiffy Peat Pellets
  • Trellis for “Screen of Green” Plant Training
  • Step-By-Step Grow Guide for Indoor Grow Success
Home Grow Hemp Kit

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About Urban Garden Tech

We were born as a mission to help new and inexperienced home growers succeed the first time and help them achieve maximum growth and yields from their indoor hemp and lawful medical marijuana gardens. Having over 12 years of growing experience as legal caregivers, we recognized the constraints on home growers like ourselves with plant number limitations and limited space. And that was after asking ourselves “where do we start?”

Our passion for the health benefits of hemp and medical marijuana led us to immerse ourselves in learning everything we could about this tree of life. Hemp is very much in everyway the same as Cannabis, with the real (and legal) difference is that the flowers contain less than .3% THC (the psycho-active part of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis).
We’ve put together a hemp grow kit with step by step guide that will walk you through its growth cycles. With 3 chances (seeds and germination cubes) your chance for a successful harvest are all but guaranteed.

The GrowMax Trellis
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Home Grow Hemp Kit
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“The only thing I could improve on would be to put an extra level of netting like I did on the second level. That’s the only improvement I’ve made on them. Other than that. they are wonderful. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking them for not having second level.”

Grady B.

“The GrowMax Trellis is perfect for training my mmj plant in my Deep-Water Culture hydroponic system. Combining DWC and Scrogging more than doubled my harvest weight over untrained growing.”
Jeff J.

“I bought your GrowMax and used it on my own bucket. It provides perfect support, no more torn branches from weight, and increased my typical yield from 5oz to over 12oz. Seven ounces for $30, yeah I’m sold!”
Raul M.